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Cleaning a Hoarder’s Home

Cleaning A Hoarder’s Home

Cleaning a hoarder’s house presents its own set of challenges. The first being how to help the hoarder cope with the anxiety of letting go of their possessions, and the second being how to decide what is worth keeping and where to start. According to recent research from Gerald Nestadt, M.D., M.P.H and Jack Samuels, Ph.D at Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine, hoarding affects approximately 700,000 to 1.4 million people in the US.  “Hoarding can be more about fear of throwing something away than about collection or saving. Thinking about discarding an item triggers anxiety in the hoarder, so they hang onto the item to prevent angst. Many hoarders are perfectionists. They fear making the wrong decision about what to keep and what to throw out, so they keep everything.”

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“Hoarder’s House” by darkday. is licensed under CC BY 2.0

Beginning The Cleaning Process

If you are dealing with a hoarder’s property, here are five steps to begin the cleaning and organizing process:

  1. Determine the extent of the situation
  2. Make a plan for cleaning
  3. Ensure you have all proper supplies
  4. Sort through items into trash, donation, and items to be retained
  5. Give the home a thorough cleaning

Getting The Supplies

In addition to cleaning supplies and personal protection equipment, one item that you are likely to need for cleaning a hoarder’s home is a dumpster and we’ve got five different sizes from which you can choose. Whether it be a small shed cleanout or an entire property, Bin There Dump That Tampa has got you covered with guaranteed next day delivery. All of our dumpsters have double-doors in the back for easy loading and even include a driveway protection system at no extra charge. We make it easy for you to book directly online or call us at 727-475-1080 where one of our professional dumpster rental consultants can assist you with scheduling a dumpster delivery for your project.


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Dumpster for Moving

Moving To a New Home

Moving can be an extremely stressful process and can take up so much of your time. Not only is the selling/buying process exasperating, but the packing aspect can be equally trying. Between the packing of boxes itself and trying to decide what to keep and what to toss, this otherwise happy occasion can quickly be taken over by stress and anxiety. Fortunately, many people have shared their ideas of what helped make this process a little easier and provided some tips and tricks to help make it less daunting. 

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Simple Tips and Tricks

According to a recent article from, following a few of these steps can not only make the process a little easier, but could also help save you some money:

  1.       Find free boxes from recycling drop off points or from your local grocery store
  2.       Reuse some boxes you already have
  3.       Donate some lightly used furniture, household items or clothes to a charitable organization
  4.       Choose a midweek or mid-month moving date since weekend moves might be more expensive
  5.       Color-code boxes with post-it notes for easy organization
  6.       Stuff boxes which contain fragile items with pillows and blankets to prevent damage
  7.       Flatten boxes for easy storage if you plan on using them again

Ordering a Dumpster for Moving

In the event that you want to toss some of those boxes after the move or want to get rid of a bunch of junk while you’re packing, Bin There Dump That Tampa Bay offers exceptional same day or next day service for renting a dumpster. We make renting a Tampa Bay dumpster rental fast and easy and we also have a wide variety of dumpster rental sizes from which you can choose.  All of our dumpsters have double-doors in the back that allow for easy loading and can even fit in tight spots. You can book online or call us at 727-475-1080 where one of our professional dumpster rental consultants can assist you with scheduling a dumpster delivery for your project. 


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Labor Day Dumpster Rental

What is Labor Day

Labor Day is an American holiday which takes place on the first Monday of September each year, and according to the US Department of Labor, “is a creation of the labor movement and is dedicated to the social and economic achievements of American workers.” This holiday pays tribute to the workers throughout American history that have contributed to the well-being of our country.

rent a dumpster labor day weekend

Celebrating Labor Day

Although this holiday unofficially marks the end of summer and the beginning of fall, it gives us a final chance to finish those summertime projects. Many people typically have the day off from work and kids are home from school, so it proves to be a great time to finish whatever you’ve been putting off all summer. Not to mention the great Labor Day sales that many retailers are running, this is a great time to make that big purchase that you’ve had your eye on for a while. So whether it be a garage clean-out, or a bathroom remodel or even a yard clean up, there is always something that can be done to make your home or business look its best. 

According to a recent article from Simple Most, they’ve came up with 5 Perfect DIY Projects To Knock Out Over Labor Day Weekend:

  1. Update your outdoor furniture
  2. Pick up a new grill
  3. Perk up your home with fresh paint
  4. Transform your kitchen with new cabinets
  5. Replace old appliances

Getting a Labor Day Dumpster Rental

In the event that you wind up tackling one of these quick projects, we can provide you with a fast and easy Tampa Dumpster rental. Offering same day and next day service, we’ll provide you with a clean dumpster from a reliable staff. Simply fill up the dumpster and leave the rest to us. We’ll even sweep around the dumpster before hauling it away, like we were never even there. Feel free to book online or call us at 727-475-1080 where one of our professional dumpster rental consultants can assist you with selecting the right size dumpster for your clean-out project.

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Hiring a Contractor

Tips for Hiring a Contractor

When it comes to remodeling your home, there’s more to think about than the colors of the walls and the wide varieties of flooring from which you can choose. You must also consider who will be doing the project, how long it will take and if said project fits into your budget.

One of the biggest challenges in beginning the renovation process is finding a professional and licensed contractor. Although it may appear to be more cost effective by hiring someone who is unlicensed, it is illegal and could end up costing you more in the long run.

Many unlicensed contractors work without the proper insurance, and if they were to be injured on the job site, you could be considered responsible and potentially even be sued by the contractor.  This is one of the many reasons it is so important to do your research before hiring someone to make your home renovation dreams come true. Continue reading Hiring a Contractor

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Working from Home

Tips for Working from Home

Now more than ever, people are working from home and it looks like this is a trend that will remain in place for the foreseeable future. COVID-19 has not only changed the way we interact with family and friends, but it has changed the way we do business and how we interact with colleagues as well as clients. And, in light of recent events, this means kids are home more often than not, so working from home has presented a new set of challenges. That being said, it’s important to create a workspace that is conducive to a positive and productive environment. Continue reading Working from Home

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Hurricane Preparedness Tips

Preparing for Hurricane Season

The 2020 hurricane season is already here and meteorologists have predicted a busier than usual season. In fact, forecasters are predicting anywhere from 13 to 19 named storms through the end of the season in November. Fortunately, there are several hurricane preparedness lists to help make this process as easy as possible. And preparing ahead of time is essential to minimizing disruptions during and after a storm. Continue reading Hurricane Preparedness Tips

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Hillsborough County Recycling

5 Things You Can Recycle in Hillsborough County, Florida

Do you reside in Hillsborough County and are not sure of the things you can recycle? One of the best ways to create a clean environment is to recycle items after use. Recycling not only protects our environment but also saves energy, conserves natural resources, and reduces trash dumped at the landfills. 

It is crucial to understand the Hillsborough County recycling rules to make the recycling process easy and convenient. In this post, we will help you know five things you can recycle and how to organize your recyclables.

Continue reading Hillsborough County Recycling

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5 Natural Disaster Cleanup Tips

Are you stuck with debris from a natural disaster? Disasters like floods, fires, leaks, or hurricanes can throw you in limbo, not knowing what next step to take. Fires can raze buildings, and floods can cause immense damage to property. The cleanup process after a disaster event can be tricky. Debris is heavy, and floods could carry harmful trash and chemicals. Below are five disaster clean up tips to help you manage any disaster clean up job. Continue reading 5 Natural Disaster Cleanup Tips