Tampa Bay Yard Cleaning Tips

The weather is warm, and it is pretty normal to start yard cleaning. From raking to pruning to mowing and seeding, there is a whole list of things to clean in the yard that never ends. While yard cleaning and landscaping sounds thrilling, turning your yard into a beautiful space can be taxing. Yard cleaning is crucial to boosting your curb appeal, eliminating pests, and promoting a healthy garden. If you’re ready to kick-start your Tampa Bay yard cleaning project, we’ve got excellent tips to help you achieve a pristine yard.

Tampa Bay Yard Cleaning Tips

Sharp yard cleaning tools are crucial

Getting sharp landscaping tools is the most vital part of the process. Lack of the necessary job tools can slow down the entire yard cleaning process—which can be stressful when working around the unforgiving heat and rains.

Yard cleaning involves trimming, pruning, digging, and edging, which is why sharp tools are imperative.

Furthermore, sharp tools make clean cuts, creating an appealing look and making it easy for your plants to heal and grow.

Some of the tools to prepare for yard work include pruning shears, rake, mower, shovel, wheelbarrow, leaf blower, lawn aerator, etc.

Don’t forget the gloves, boots and the tools’ belt.

Remove the yard debris

The yard can host a lot of debris like leaves, branches, stones, dirt, and even pet poop.

Your first yard cleaning step is to eliminate the debris, load them into a container, and don’t leave any stone unturned. 

Crucial tip: rent a yard dumpster and make it easy to move yard debris to the dump.

Put your rake into use and eliminate sticks, stones, dirt, leaves, and even dead grass in the yard.

Ideally, this is the perfect step to purge your garden furniture and decorations.

Give the furniture a good scrub and a makeover, or eliminate that bench that’s seen better days.

Don’t forget the muddy and rusty walkways and patio. Hose down the grime on the hard surfaces and pathways.

Remove overgrown trees and bushes

Once you remove the debris, you can focus on the overgrown branches and bushes.

When neglected, trees and bushes can turn into scary beasts and even pose risks to your property.

Consider removing those overhanging branches encroaching your space or posing a risk to infrastructures like powerlines or your roof.

Also, trees contribute to your curb appeal, so it is vital to eliminate dry branches and tree stumps.

Again, if you’ve got a dumpster, trimming and pruning should be a piece of cake.

Tampa Bay yard cleaning

Address the patches

It is typical for your yard to have bare patches after the harsh winter season. 

After removing the overgrown trees and trimming the bushes, create a uniform yard look by addressing those patches.

Your first approach to bare spots is to loosen the soil and eliminate the debris.

Aerate the soil after loosening it up and sowing the grass seeds. And lastly, water your seeds, watch them grow, and fill the bare spots.

Create pathways in the yard

The most crucial part of maintaining a pristine lawn is to create pathways to avoid trespassing the yard.

Designate new walkways if none are in the yard or edge the current pathways and make them stand out.

Depending on your landscape’s design, there are many pathway ideas that you can DIY—like these on Bob Villa.

You can do gravel, stones, pavers, pebbles, or wooden lawn pathways.

Additionally, you can install concrete or brick pathway. 

Add seating spots

Spring and summertime are optimal for getting outdoors and enjoy various yard activities. 

Consider designating a seating area, and if your budget and time allow, you can create a shade and kids’ corner.

Hopefully, our Tampa Bay yard cleaning tips can help you spruce up yours.

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