2023 Tampa Bathroom Remodel Guide

The new year is here; do you need a new bathroom that aligns with your dream design? Bathroom remodeling can feel exciting and, at the same time, exhausting, albeit costly. Gutting and rebuilding your bathroom can be quite some work. Thankfully, this guide is a comprehensive blueprint you can use to create a sanctuary out of your bathroom.

Since all the plumbing and wiring need careful consideration, bathrooms can be the most complicated spaces to renovate. Below is the 2023 Tampa bathroom remodel guide to help you make smart choices and avoid common pitfalls. Whether a DIY or professional bathroom upgrade, having a guide can help you achieve your desired bathroom without issues.

Renovating a bathroom in the new year; what to do first?

Winter is a slow season for the remodeling industry, meaning you can capitalize on the low-cost materials and labor. Additionally, schools are open during this time, so you’ll have less traffic in the house, and the weather is cool; ideal environment to remodel your bath. Importantly, contractors have all the time during this time as it is their least busy time. 

Tampa bathroom remodel guide

Understand the scope of your bathroom remodeling

The first crucial step when remodeling a bathroom in the new year is to look at the bigger picture. What type of bath renovation are you planning? There are different work scopes when upgrading a bathroom. Surface-level bath remodeling can be the easiest project, and you can DIY it. This project typically involves minimal work and produces less waste. Technically, surface-level bathroom renovation covers walls and repairs broken fixtures. 

Do you want to gut your bathroom down to the walls and replace it? With this remodeling type, you keep the bathroom layout, plumbing, and lighting locations but strip it down to bare walls. The next step is to replace the old bath with new walls, fixtures, lighting, flooring, and vanity.

Are you designing a new bathroom layout? Much of the plumbing, lighting, sink, shower, tub, and toilet can change. And these can be back-breaking and costly bathroom jobs, not to mention invasive and messy, so you need to plan. Get the right team and plan waste disposal logistics. 

Do you need an entirely new bigger bath? This can involve changing the layout, design, and bathroom structure. Complete bathroom renovation can be extensive, and often, you might need to hire a professional remodeler. Understanding the work scope can help you create the right action plan.

Customize your Tampa bathroom remodel with a budget

Once you know the bathroom remodeling scope, you can budget for it. Get estimates for materials and labor, including at least 10% for miscellaneous costs. The average bathroom remodeling price in Tampa, Florida, is $9,279. On the lower side, you can expect to spend $3,164, and $15,395 on the higher end. You’ll need an expert to get accurate figures that accommodate your renovation needs.

Get the design and hire a contractor.

A quick search on Instagram or Pinterest can lead you into an endless pit of bathroom designs. However, this may not be enough for you to create the ideal bathroom that works for you. Approach a restoration expert who considers the finer details like the size, location, and structural design and helps you actualize your dream bathroom.

Demolish and rebuild your bathroom

Whether doing it alone to save cash or having someone help, the old structure has to create a new one. You should note that bathroom demolitions can be messy, leaving piles of debris to dump. Hire a Tampa dumpster rental to collect the demolition waste in a responsible fashion. The rebuilding process also can create significant amounts of remodeling waste. Bin There Dump That can deliver a residential container for your Tampa bathroom renovation.