6 Tampa Bay Recycling Tips

Do you want to recycle in Tampa? Planning to recycle is one thing and recycling right is another thing. While many people strive to recycle, numbers show that a smaller percentage of waste gets recycled—75% of it is recyclable, yet only 30% is recycled. If you want to recycle in Tampa Bay, you can do it right with our recycling tips. Recycling can be easier and more successful when you know what to recycle. Here are 6 Tampa Bay recycling tips to get your started!

Best Tampa Bay Recycling Tips

Tampa Bay city is committed to recycling, and so is Bin There Dump That Tampa. Recycling offers economic and environmental benefits, ensuring the availability of products without exploiting our natural resources. 

Designate Recycling Bins

Your first step is installing recycling carts in your home or workplace. The recycling bin ensures that you separate recyclables from garbage. In case you didn’t know, there are different types of trash bins; green, blue, and gray bins. These are the standard container colors, and the green bin is best for organic waste like food, green, and yard waste. The blue bin is ideal for traditional recyclable materials like paper, plastics, cardboard, bottles, cans, jars, and cardboard.  

Where does the non-organic or recyclable material go? This type of waste goes to the gray waste bin. Having the correct containers ensures you sort and separate your waste, increasing the chances of successful recycling. Furthermore, these carts make it easier for haulers to offer collection services. Get your recycling containers from City’s Solid Waste collections service providers. Remember to set out the bins conveniently for easy pickup. Please wait until your recycling bin is full before taking it to the curbside, and set it at least with a three-foot clearance. 

Empty, Clean, and Dry Recyclables

Did you know that you must clean and dry the recyclable waste before tossing them in the bin? Well, not the squeaky clean type but a good rinse to eliminate debris in the container. Soiled recyclables are garbage and can contaminate a clean load. 

Ensure to rinse jars, plastic bottles, cans, and boxes. You don’t have to scrub with water and soap; a quick shake and rinse with water can dislodge the residue in your recyclable containers. Importantly, let these recyclable materials dry, especially if you must mix them with other recycling materials like paper. The same applies to paper recyclables; you should rinse and remove grease and ensure it is dry before tossing it in the bin. 

Know What to Toss in The Recycling Container

Acceptable recycling differs from one city to another, so knowing what you can recycle in Tampa Bay is essential. Here is the thing, not all items labeled with the renowned recycling symbol are recyclable. The City of Tampa accepts an assortment of recycling materials, including plastics, paper, glass, tin, and aluminum containers. 

Good paper products include newspapers, office paper, junk mail, paper bag, and paperback books. You can also recycle paperboard and cardboard. Plastic containers, jars, and bottles are perfect for recycling too. 

Avoid Plastic Bags

Recyclable materials should be loose in the bin. Plastic bags are recyclable; however, you can’t bag the recycling and toss it in a container. This material can jam the sorting and recycling equipment, making it harder to recycle the rest of the load. 

Some options to recycle plastic bags include through your local grocery store or the big box stores. Alternatively, you can reuse plastic bags instead of buying new ones. 

Don’t Mix Recycling Waste

Mixing recycling with non-recyclable can contaminate it, which means you can’t recycle it. Ensure trash goes to the right bin unless your recycling facility accepts mixed recyclables. Furthermore, eliminate small items like plastic caps and rigid plastics, i.e., buckets, plastic toys, and crates.

Involve Your Family Members or Staff 

Concentred efforts can make recycling successful. Educate and involve everyone around you, so they know what to put in the recycling container. We’re here if you need help recycling construction debris or household junk.

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