Clearwater Sustainable Living Tips

Do you like the idea of sustainable living, wish to minimize your carbon footprint, and want to do more good for the planet? With the current climate trends globally, it is no surprise that 77% of people want to learn and adopt eco-friendly living. Clearwater sustainable living is a lifestyle choice where you strive to live an abundant life with a few resources and without affecting the environment. And importantly, sustainable living and saving money are concurrent, meaning that the more you embrace sustainable living, the more money you can channel into your savings.

Eliminate food waste

The kitchen is the best place to start your sustainable living lifestyle. 

Let’s face the facts on food waste! A typical U.S household wastes 31.9% of its food, which translates to $1,866 per year.

Food waste is a waste of water and energy used during production and farming, and transportation efforts to get food to your kitchen.

Furthermore, food waste at the landfill is more lethal because it produces toxic greenhouse gases in our environment.

Eliminating food waste means purchasing and cooking food that’s just enough to consume at that particular time.

One way to eliminate food waste is to keep leftovers instead of dumping them in the bin.

Also, eat food from your pantry rather than ordering a delivery; it is healthier and saves money.

Create a meal plan for your household, and better yet, consume seasonal food produce.

Furthermore, focus on good food storage to ensure that your food lasts. For instance, you can use an air-tight storage container to keep your dry food and the refrigerator to keep perishable ones.

List food items to purchase every time you go grocery shopping to avoid splurging money on unhealthy food products.

Shop and consume sustainable products

Believe it or not, you can find about any sustainable product in the market. From eco-friendly sneakers to electronics to clothes and beauty products, you can find all of your typical personal essentials in any sustainable store.

Consuming sustainable products is an excellent way to minimize your carbon footprint, protect the environment from potential greenhouse gases, and preserve the earth’s virgin resources.

Furthermore, creating demand for sustainable products is ideal for holding manufacturers responsible for protecting the environment.

Furthermore, some of the eco-friendly products in the market are the end products of recycling, and purchasing these products boosts recycling efforts and ultimately reduces environmental pollution.

Clearwater sustainable living

Reduce, reuse and recycle

Another excellent tip for Clearwater sustainable living is reducing, reusing, and recycling.

Reduce waste from the source by purchasing exact quantities and going for quality products that last. 

Eliminate unnecessary packaging when shopping to reduce the litter in your bin.

Get reusable bags, water bottles, glass jars, and plastic containers.

Furthermore, you can reuse food scraps and yard waste to make compost for your home garden.

And before you toss something away, check if you can give it a second life. There are recycling options for virtually every piece of trash out there.

For instance, did you know that demolition debris and yard waste are recyclable?

Many cities, including Clearwater, are recycling stewards focusing on waste diversion.

Drop plastics

Sustainable living can be as easy as cutting off plastic use.

Single-use plastics can be unforgiving to our environment, including the ocean.

Consider sustainable alternatives like reusable coffee cups, water bottles, straws, and dishware. 

Bring your reusable carrier bag to the store instead of plastic grocery bags.

Master your waste disposal

Nothing feels better than knowing where your garbage ends after leaving your residence.

Learn about eco-friendly waste disposal and understand what you should recycle, compost, and toss away.

And luckily, we provide eco-friendly waste disposal services for construction and residential homes.

Let’s join efforts and promote Clearwater sustainable living together. See how we can help! Contact us today.