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6 Tampa Bay Recycling Tips

Do you want to recycle in Tampa? Planning to recycle is one thing and recycling right is another thing. While many people strive to recycle, numbers show that a smaller percentage of waste gets recycled—75% of it is recyclable, yet only 30% is recycled. If you want to recycle in Tampa Bay, you can do it right with our recycling tips. Recycling can be easier and more successful when you know what to recycle. Here are 6 Tampa Bay recycling tips to get your started!

Best Tampa Bay Recycling Tips

Tampa Bay city is committed to recycling, and so is Bin There Dump That Tampa. Recycling offers economic and environmental benefits, ensuring the availability of products without exploiting our natural resources. 

Designate Recycling Bins

Your first step is installing recycling carts in your home or workplace. The recycling bin ensures that you separate recyclables from garbage. In case you didn’t know, there are different types of trash bins; green, blue, and gray bins. These are the standard container colors, and the green bin is best for organic waste like food, green, and yard waste. The blue bin is ideal for traditional recyclable materials like paper, plastics, cardboard, bottles, cans, jars, and cardboard.  

Where does the non-organic or recyclable material go? This type of waste goes to the gray waste bin. Having the correct containers ensures you sort and separate your waste, increasing the chances of successful recycling. Furthermore, these carts make it easier for haulers to offer collection services. Get your recycling containers from City’s Solid Waste collections service providers. Remember to set out the bins conveniently for easy pickup. Please wait until your recycling bin is full before taking it to the curbside, and set it at least with a three-foot clearance. 

Empty, Clean, and Dry Recyclables

Did you know that you must clean and dry the recyclable waste before tossing them in the bin? Well, not the squeaky clean type but a good rinse to eliminate debris in the container. Soiled recyclables are garbage and can contaminate a clean load. 

Ensure to rinse jars, plastic bottles, cans, and boxes. You don’t have to scrub with water and soap; a quick shake and rinse with water can dislodge the residue in your recyclable containers. Importantly, let these recyclable materials dry, especially if you must mix them with other recycling materials like paper. The same applies to paper recyclables; you should rinse and remove grease and ensure it is dry before tossing it in the bin. 

Know What to Toss in The Recycling Container

Acceptable recycling differs from one city to another, so knowing what you can recycle in Tampa Bay is essential. Here is the thing, not all items labeled with the renowned recycling symbol are recyclable. The City of Tampa accepts an assortment of recycling materials, including plastics, paper, glass, tin, and aluminum containers. 

Good paper products include newspapers, office paper, junk mail, paper bag, and paperback books. You can also recycle paperboard and cardboard. Plastic containers, jars, and bottles are perfect for recycling too. 

Avoid Plastic Bags

Recyclable materials should be loose in the bin. Plastic bags are recyclable; however, you can’t bag the recycling and toss it in a container. This material can jam the sorting and recycling equipment, making it harder to recycle the rest of the load. 

Some options to recycle plastic bags include through your local grocery store or the big box stores. Alternatively, you can reuse plastic bags instead of buying new ones. 

Don’t Mix Recycling Waste

Mixing recycling with non-recyclable can contaminate it, which means you can’t recycle it. Ensure trash goes to the right bin unless your recycling facility accepts mixed recyclables. Furthermore, eliminate small items like plastic caps and rigid plastics, i.e., buckets, plastic toys, and crates.

Involve Your Family Members or Staff 

Concentred efforts can make recycling successful. Educate and involve everyone around you, so they know what to put in the recycling container. We’re here if you need help recycling construction debris or household junk.

Ready to dispose of waste and debris in the most environmentally friendly way? Work with Bin There Dump That Tampa Bay to get a dumpster rental. Contact us now!

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Understanding Tampa Bay Dumpster Rental Pricing

Are you curious about the costs of renting a residential-friendly dumpster in Tampa Bay? Many people request a dumpster rental quote but don’t understand what the pricing entails. Bin There Dump That makes Tampa Bay dumpster rental pricing simple. When renting a dumpster, we prepare a custom estimate that reflects the accurate cost you’ll pay to use our services. Whether you need to know why dumpster prices are different in Tampa Bay or understand the cost of various bin sizes, we have all the answers for you. Understanding dumpster pricing before placing an order is crucial to avoid hidden fees and get more bang for your buck. Check out our dumpster pricing page or call us for instant and accurate Tampa Bay dumpster prices.

What’s Included in Your Flat-Rate Dumpster Pricing?

At Bin There Dump That, we create a base fee instead of invoicing you with a long list of various services rendered. We mainly make renting a dumpster in Tampa Bay as simple as possible, and our all-inclusive dumpster pricing covers the things below.

Dumpster Size

Do you have a dumpster size in mind to rent? Bin There Dump That has dumpster sizes for any residential or commercial project. Whether you need a 6, 10, 15, or 20-yard dumpster, the base pay includes your dumpster size. Considering the volume of junk a dumpster can take, the cost of each dumpster size is different; the fee is higher for bigger residential dumpsters. 

Dumpster Delivery and Pick Up

Another thing we put in your base pay is the cost to deliver and haul the container along with its contents. Renting a roll-off bin from a company that charges separate delivery and pick-up fees might be more expensive. Your flat-rate fee includes delivery and pick-up, and you don’t have to pay fuel surcharges. Some companies can charge up to a 5% fuel surcharge fee. 

Understanding Dumpster rental pricing Tampa Bay

Your Project Size

Whether gutting your home, redesigning the bathroom, upgrading your kitchen, or landscaping, we factor your project scale into the base pay. The cost is relative to the amount of debris you want to take away. Let us know your project scale, and our expert dumpster consultant will create a correct estimate for you. 

Rental Period

One of the best things about our Tampa Bay dumpster pricing is that your base pay includes a seven-day rental period. Do you need to rent a residential dumpster for more than seven days? No problem! We accommodate longer rentals and create a reasonably low custom base fee that matches your rental length. If you need the bin for more rental days, we offer it at an additional $20 per day, which we charge upon pick up. 

Type of Waste

Your type of waste is another thing we include in your base dumpster price. Whether you need to throw away landscaping debris, construction waste, house junk, gravel, soil, or roofing shingles, we factor in the cost of managing these waste materials in your flat-rate fee. 

Disposal Fee

Your dumpster pricing also includes the cost of dumping construction debris or household garbage. Facilities charge a disposal fee per ton of waste, ranging between $65-$95 per ton. 

If you’re hunting for a wallet-friendly Tampa Bay dumpster rental, you’ve come to the right crew. We’re happy to work with you and provide budget-friendly dumpster services fees. 

Extra Services at No Additional Cost

At Bin There Dump That Tampa Bay, you can get more value for your money. We offer extra services at no additional fees to you. For instance, we guarantee driveway protection by using our safety boards. Additionally, we accommodate same or next-day dumpster deliveries at no extra cost. Weekend deliveries and pick-ups are also available, and yup, no additional charges. Call us to discuss more.

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2023 Tampa Bathroom Remodel Guide

The new year is here; do you need a new bathroom that aligns with your dream design? Bathroom remodeling can feel exciting and, at the same time, exhausting, albeit costly. Gutting and rebuilding your bathroom can be quite some work. Thankfully, this guide is a comprehensive blueprint you can use to create a sanctuary out of your bathroom.

Since all the plumbing and wiring need careful consideration, bathrooms can be the most complicated spaces to renovate. Below is the 2023 Tampa bathroom remodel guide to help you make smart choices and avoid common pitfalls. Whether a DIY or professional bathroom upgrade, having a guide can help you achieve your desired bathroom without issues.

Renovating a bathroom in the new year; what to do first?

Winter is a slow season for the remodeling industry, meaning you can capitalize on the low-cost materials and labor. Additionally, schools are open during this time, so you’ll have less traffic in the house, and the weather is cool; ideal environment to remodel your bath. Importantly, contractors have all the time during this time as it is their least busy time. 

Tampa bathroom remodel guide

Understand the scope of your bathroom remodeling

The first crucial step when remodeling a bathroom in the new year is to look at the bigger picture. What type of bath renovation are you planning? There are different work scopes when upgrading a bathroom. Surface-level bath remodeling can be the easiest project, and you can DIY it. This project typically involves minimal work and produces less waste. Technically, surface-level bathroom renovation covers walls and repairs broken fixtures. 

Do you want to gut your bathroom down to the walls and replace it? With this remodeling type, you keep the bathroom layout, plumbing, and lighting locations but strip it down to bare walls. The next step is to replace the old bath with new walls, fixtures, lighting, flooring, and vanity.

Are you designing a new bathroom layout? Much of the plumbing, lighting, sink, shower, tub, and toilet can change. And these can be back-breaking and costly bathroom jobs, not to mention invasive and messy, so you need to plan. Get the right team and plan waste disposal logistics. 

Do you need an entirely new bigger bath? This can involve changing the layout, design, and bathroom structure. Complete bathroom renovation can be extensive, and often, you might need to hire a professional remodeler. Understanding the work scope can help you create the right action plan.

Customize your Tampa bathroom remodel with a budget

Once you know the bathroom remodeling scope, you can budget for it. Get estimates for materials and labor, including at least 10% for miscellaneous costs. The average bathroom remodeling price in Tampa, Florida, is $9,279. On the lower side, you can expect to spend $3,164, and $15,395 on the higher end. You’ll need an expert to get accurate figures that accommodate your renovation needs.

Get the design and hire a contractor.

A quick search on Instagram or Pinterest can lead you into an endless pit of bathroom designs. However, this may not be enough for you to create the ideal bathroom that works for you. Approach a restoration expert who considers the finer details like the size, location, and structural design and helps you actualize your dream bathroom.

Demolish and rebuild your bathroom

Whether doing it alone to save cash or having someone help, the old structure has to create a new one. You should note that bathroom demolitions can be messy, leaving piles of debris to dump. Hire a Tampa dumpster rental to collect the demolition waste in a responsible fashion. The rebuilding process also can create significant amounts of remodeling waste. Bin There Dump That can deliver a residential container for your Tampa bathroom renovation.

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What To Do With Tampa Bay Construction Waste

Are you wondering what to do with your Tampa Bay construction waste? Construction waste is debris produced when building new properties or renovating existing ones. You also generate construction trash when demolishing structures and constructing roads, driveways, bridges, etc. Due to the complex nature of construction waste materials, the disposal options can be confusing. If you’re wondering where to take your construction waste, you’ve come to the right place. Let’s explore the disposal options for your Tampa Bay construction waste.

How to dispose of your Tampa Bay construction waste?

Managing construction waste can be depressing, especially when working on a large construction project. It is more challenging for homeowners to deal with construction debris for the first time. As a homeowner, contractor, or builder, it is important to have a game plan for your construction junk. Sustainable construction waste disposal can offer you and the environment many perks. Below are things to do with your construction waste in Tampa Bay.

Put construction waste in a dumpster.

One crucial thing to know is that construction waste can never fit in your curbside bin. These materials are heavy, bulky, and can be enormous, meaning that you’ll need to look into other options, like renting a roll-off container or hauling the waste to the dump yourself. An on-site dumpster is the most efficient, robust, affordable, and time-saving strategy for residential and commercial construction projects.

Bin There Dump That provides various options regarding construction bins. And this means that you can find a construction dumpster to fit your project. Whether you’ve got a garage demo and remodeling, roofing, or kitchen upgrade, putting the debris in a bin can save you a great deal of time and money. 

Putting construction waste in a dumpster is also the best strategy to minimize site accidents. According to the local codes, renting a dumpster might be a prerequisite before starting your project. Furthermore, holding construction garbage in a dumpster makes it easier to recycle, donate, reuse, or haul it to the dump. You don’t have to lift a finger to move the dumpster; an entire crew is standing by to take the debris.

Consult an expert to get the right-size construction container. 

tampa bay construction waste

Recycle your Tampa Bay construction waste

Recycling construction and demolition waste is a sustainable way to reduce waste. You can recycle most construction waste materials, including asphalt, concrete, wood, metals, and cardboard. Recycling C$D debris can help produce materials needed in the market without exploiting natural resources. For instance, you can recycle concrete and asphalt, making new construction materials, and wood and metals can create new engineered wood products and metal materials. When renting your dumpster, you can ask about C&D recycling.

Alternatively, a website like Construction and Demolition Recycling Association can help you find the nearest C&D recycler in Tampa Bay.

Donate your construction waste

Another thing to do with your Tampa Bay construction waste is to donate it. If you’ve got extra construction materials you don’t need anymore, consider giving them to non-profits. Do you have old sinks, fixtures, cabinets, or furniture that needs to go? If you’ve got salvaged or never-been-used construction materials, you can find a worthy cause to donate them to. Some nationally-recognized organizations, like Habitat for Humanity ReStores, accept construction waste donations. 

Reuse construction Waste

Are you planning to demolish an existing property in Tampa Bay? Don’t let the construction materials go to waste. Instead, consider salvaging as many materials for reuse. This can be done through deconstruction, ensuring that you recover stuff like windows, doors, hardware, fixtures, and appliances. If you’ve got excess materials after a remodeling or construction project, you can keep them safely for reuse.

Dumpsters for Tampa Bay construction waste

Are you looking for construction dumpsters in Tampa Bay? Bin There Dump That provides 6, 10, 15, and 20-yard dumpsters.

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Where Does Your Clearwater Trash Go

Keeping our homes, workplaces, schools, and the environment clean is essential. Proper waste management is imperative to ensure the highest levels of sanitation, and that is why we have trash cans, dumpsters, and garbage collection trucks to pick your trash. But where does your Clearwater trash go? We produce tons of waste in the country— a whopping 4.9lbs per person daily. Without a proper and eco-friendly channel for such heaps of garbage, we could pollute the water, land, and air. Let’s learn all the possible options for your trash.

Where does your Clearwater trash go when you throw it away?

From residential to commercial and industrial waste, it is crucial to have eco-friendly and effective waste management. Solid waste like food scraps, metals, papers, cardboard, plastics, wood, concrete, shingles, and yard waste have an outlet. Below are the possible solutions for your Clearwater trash.


Recycling is one of the most eco-friendly waste disposal options. This disposal option takes the waste and diverts it into valuable raw materials to make new products. Your single-use plastics, paper, metals, aluminum, glass, and newspapers are excellent recyclable trash. 

Recycling companies can collect these waste materials through curbside recycling, take-back programs, or drop-off centers. Once you take your trash to the collection center, it will go through sorting, cleaning, and processing. The recyclers will send the raw materials to the market for manufacturing companies to buy.

Recycling offers economic and environmental benefits—it prevents exploitation of natural resources and reduces pollution. 

Waste to energy

Waste-to-energy or incineration is another disposal pathway for residential and commercial waste. This disposal option utilizes solid waste materials with high energy content to produce electricity. Technically, the trash goes through high combustion in an oxygenated incinerator to produce heat. The hot gases released during combustion are cooled to produce steam that powers the electrical generators. 

The waste-to-energy process produces toxic gasses, which is why this process ranks as the least preferred disposal option by the Environment Protection Agency. Notably, modern incinerators use cutting-edge tech to filter and ensure only clean gases get to the atmosphere. The combustion residue is taken to the landfill as its final destination.

where does your clearwater trash go


Composting is an eco-friendly process of recycling organic waste to produce organic manure. The method uses fungi, bacteria, and critters to break down solid waste into compost. The by-product of this waste disposal process can be used in the garden to grow fresh food. One advantage of composting is that it reduces the amount of compostable waste sent to the landfills, lowering methane gas emissions. It also eliminates the need for incinerators and can boost the economy through job creation and conserving natural resources.

Additionally, composting is an easy and cost-effective way to generate organic manure—goodbye synthetic fertilizer— for your kitchen garden. This waste disposal option comes second as the most preferred in the EPA hierarchy. Don’t throw away those food scraps! You can collect them, designate a place to compost them, and use them to enrich your soil. If you don’t have a compost, you can send the food scraps and other green waste like grass clippings to a composting facility.


You’ve probably heard about landfills, and landfilling is a waste disposal process that handles non-recyclable material. The site is well designed and engineered to facilitate the decomposition of municipal solid waste. Although it might not be one of the most eco-friendly, modern landfills can convert methane gas into an energy source. If your trash can’t be recycled, composted, incinerated, or reused, it’ll probably end in one of the Municipal Solid Waste Landfills. There are designated hazardous waste landfills to dispose of toxic waste material.

At Bin There Dump That Tampa Bay, we strive to eliminate residential or C&D waste in an eco-friendly fashion. Give us a call, and we’ll help you answer the question to where does your Clearwater trash go.

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Clearwater Weekend Renovation Tips

Are you looking for ways to improve your home with your free time this weekend? Improving your home’s style can enhance comfort and efficiency and boost the value. However, before achieving that, you must deal with junk removal, demolition, and building your home. Home renovations can be downright challenging. You need to have the money for the project, hire contractors, buy materials, get designs and ideas, adapt to change, and eliminate the debris. All these are a recipe for a stressful weekend renovation. Thankfully, the Clearwater weekend renovation tips below can help you tackle the job successfully without pressure.

What to consider when doing a weekend renovation?

Estimate the cost

One thing that’s easy to miscalculate is the renovation cost for a weekend project. With the volatile economy, the cost of stuff and hiring contractors can change quickly. Consider checking the price of the renovation materials you’ll need and get quotes from different contractors to estimate the service cost.

When planning a DIY weekend renovation in Clearwater, you might need to consider the cost of junk removal. You can grab our obligation-free estimate for debris removal, so you know the price beforehand.

Focus on necessary projects

The weekend can be a pretty short time for a complete home renovation, and the last thing you need is stress over an uncompleted home project while at work on Monday. Overlook the renovation inspirations on social media and focus on your home’s style and needs. If refinishing the kitchen is crucial for its functionality, it is essential to prioritize that before anything else.

Need to update the outdoor space for the summer activities? Focus on that and complete necessary renovations before you run out of funds.

Work within the current structural design

Another crucial tip for a Clearwater weekend renovation is to work within the structural design. You might need more time if you’re considering major space additions and restructuring. Focus on projects that keep the current structural footprint for a weekend remodeling—it saves time and money. Below are some easy Clearwater weekend renovations you can do.

Easy weekend renovation tips

Minor bathroom renovation

A minor renovation can transform your bathroom into a luxury haven you look forward to daily. You can refurbish the current bathroom materials to save money and reuse items you would discard—which means you’ll have less debris to worry about after the renovation.

Apply protective enamel to your wooden bathroom floors, refinish the tub, install new hardware, faucet new shower, and spruce up the walls with new paints.

Refinish the kitchen

Minor kitchen renovation on the weekend can be a success. Boost your kitchen’s feel and style with fresh paint. You can also try a new backsplash, refinish the cabinets or install a new countertop.

New cabinet hardware and sink faucet can also make a difference in your kitchen. Don’t like the current lighting fixtures? You can try new statement lighting for your kitchen.

Spruce up the outdoors

Are you stuck with overgrown bushes, branches, leaves, and tree stumps littering the yard? You can also tackle minor landscaping jobs on the weekend. Prune, trim, rake and remove debris in the yard. Make the backyard cozy and beautiful with a new seating space. 

You can also create a fire pit and designate a spot for your outdoor home bar. It’ll make a great spot to refresh and hang out with family and friends.

Give the rooms a new paint.

Another straightforward renovation idea for a weekend project is painting your house’s walls. A new coat of paint does more than beautify your interiors and boost your mood; It can increase your home’s value, improve air quality and protect your walls from moisture damage.

Clearwater weekend renovation tips

How to prepare your home for Clearwater weekend renovation?

Renovations are projects that produce junk and demolition debris. Your best bet to ace this weekend’s renovation is to rent a dumpster. Bin There Dump That is your number #1 Clearwater dumpster rental. Contact us now to set up your residential bin.

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5 Tips to Avoid Dumpster Overage Fees in Clearwater

Dumpster overage fees can be quite surprising, especially if your goal is to keep your waste disposal expenses within your budget. Extra costs can crimp your project plans and throw your budget off course. By researching and understanding how dumpster pricing works, you can avoid dumpster overage fees in Clearwater. Plan your dumpster rental carefully with the tips below, and be sure to get the most bang for your budget. 

Best Tips for Avoiding Dumpster Overage Fees in Clearwater

Select the right dumpster size

The most straightforward way to cross out dumpster overage fees in Clearwater is by selecting the right roll-off dumpster size. Size is one of the crucial dumpster price parameters, influencing the overall cost of your rental.

Many renters think that skewing towards a smaller container can reduce costs. Conversely, a smaller container may not handle all the debris, forcing you to overload or rent another container.

A right-size container provides the weight limit and capacity you need to finish your project in one go. Filling the receptacle beyond its limit can attract overage fees. You don’t have to fret if you’re not sure about the dumpster rental size to pick. A quick chat with our customer support and dumpster experts can help you choose the correct size. At Bin There Dump That, we offer exceptional professional guidance to help you get a wallet-friendly solution.

Avoid Dumpster Overage Fees in Clearwater

Understand the dumpster agreement

The agreement or dumpster rental policy between you and your Clearwater dumpster rental company has all the guidelines for using the container.

The fine print has all the info to help you avoid dumpster overage fees, like the acceptable weight limit, cost of excess weight per ton, dumpster cost, and the cost of prohibited debris.

Additionally, the dumpster agreement can help you understand the acceptable and illegal garbage to shove into the dumpster. You can also review the policy for the agreed-upon dumpster rental period and the fees for rental extension. We provide hassle-free and easy-to-understand dumpster agreements that accommodate your budget and schedule.

Donate or sell as many items as possible

The best way to work around your tight waste disposal budget is to be creative with your garbage. Did you know you can give away, sell or recycle some of the items you intend to discard? Now you know! Instead of piling all the trash in one container, you can try selling or donating some stuff to lighten the load and avoid overage fees. When you have little waste to dispose of, you can get an economical dumpster that fits your needs.

The best thing about this idea is that you can turn some junk into cash instead of drowning in dumpster overage fees in Clearwater. This strategy works best, especially when you’re downsizing, moving, or doing spring cleaning. 

You can try hosting a yard sale to get your pre-loved stuff a second home, or consider dropping some of the valuable items at a donation center. Furthermore, some charitable organizations can offer to pick up the donation from your location, making it seamless. Talk about hitting two birds with one stone without breaking a sweat!

Avoid Dumpster Overage Fees in Clearwater: Rent your Clearwater dumpster rental from Bin There Dump That Tampa Bay

Dumpster rental businesses operate uniquely and have different service delivery processes. Some are national chains running their businesses from another state, while others are local facilities serving Clearwater residents.

The dumpster rental matters because each has its unique pricing strategy. Also, the local Clearwater dumpster rental might offer the lowest possible rates that fit your budget. Hiring a top-rated and reliable waste management company is an excellent idea. Bin There Dump That is your best option when you need to rent a dumpster in Clearwater. Do you need a 10-yard dumpster or 20-cubic yard residential-friendly bin? Contact us today.

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Clearwater Sustainable Living Tips

Do you like the idea of sustainable living, wish to minimize your carbon footprint, and want to do more good for the planet? With the current climate trends globally, it is no surprise that 77% of people want to learn and adopt eco-friendly living. Clearwater sustainable living is a lifestyle choice where you strive to live an abundant life with a few resources and without affecting the environment. And importantly, sustainable living and saving money are concurrent, meaning that the more you embrace sustainable living, the more money you can channel into your savings.

Eliminate food waste

The kitchen is the best place to start your sustainable living lifestyle. 

Let’s face the facts on food waste! A typical U.S household wastes 31.9% of its food, which translates to $1,866 per year.

Food waste is a waste of water and energy used during production and farming, and transportation efforts to get food to your kitchen.

Furthermore, food waste at the landfill is more lethal because it produces toxic greenhouse gases in our environment.

Eliminating food waste means purchasing and cooking food that’s just enough to consume at that particular time.

One way to eliminate food waste is to keep leftovers instead of dumping them in the bin.

Also, eat food from your pantry rather than ordering a delivery; it is healthier and saves money.

Create a meal plan for your household, and better yet, consume seasonal food produce.

Furthermore, focus on good food storage to ensure that your food lasts. For instance, you can use an air-tight storage container to keep your dry food and the refrigerator to keep perishable ones.

List food items to purchase every time you go grocery shopping to avoid splurging money on unhealthy food products.

Shop and consume sustainable products

Believe it or not, you can find about any sustainable product in the market. From eco-friendly sneakers to electronics to clothes and beauty products, you can find all of your typical personal essentials in any sustainable store.

Consuming sustainable products is an excellent way to minimize your carbon footprint, protect the environment from potential greenhouse gases, and preserve the earth’s virgin resources.

Furthermore, creating demand for sustainable products is ideal for holding manufacturers responsible for protecting the environment.

Furthermore, some of the eco-friendly products in the market are the end products of recycling, and purchasing these products boosts recycling efforts and ultimately reduces environmental pollution.

Clearwater sustainable living

Reduce, reuse and recycle

Another excellent tip for Clearwater sustainable living is reducing, reusing, and recycling.

Reduce waste from the source by purchasing exact quantities and going for quality products that last. 

Eliminate unnecessary packaging when shopping to reduce the litter in your bin.

Get reusable bags, water bottles, glass jars, and plastic containers.

Furthermore, you can reuse food scraps and yard waste to make compost for your home garden.

And before you toss something away, check if you can give it a second life. There are recycling options for virtually every piece of trash out there.

For instance, did you know that demolition debris and yard waste are recyclable?

Many cities, including Clearwater, are recycling stewards focusing on waste diversion.

Drop plastics

Sustainable living can be as easy as cutting off plastic use.

Single-use plastics can be unforgiving to our environment, including the ocean.

Consider sustainable alternatives like reusable coffee cups, water bottles, straws, and dishware. 

Bring your reusable carrier bag to the store instead of plastic grocery bags.

Master your waste disposal

Nothing feels better than knowing where your garbage ends after leaving your residence.

Learn about eco-friendly waste disposal and understand what you should recycle, compost, and toss away.

And luckily, we provide eco-friendly waste disposal services for construction and residential homes.

Let’s join efforts and promote Clearwater sustainable living together. See how we can help! Contact us today.


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St. Petersburg Hazardous Waste Disposal

Do you have hazardous household waste? Safe and responsible disposal of toxic waste is crucial for residential homeowners and businesses. Hazardous waste includes any substance, material, or product that reacts, corrodes, ignites, or releases toxic gasses on exposure. Hazardous waste generation at home is more common than you can imagine. From aerosol sprays to automotive products to electronics to cleaning products and pesticides, household hazardous waste can be astronomical. It takes a team of specialists to handle, transport, and dispose of hazardous waste in an eco-friendly way. While we don’t accept St. Petersburg hazardous waste in the dumpster because of landfill restrictions, St. Petersburg residents have excellent options for hazardous waste disposal. 

Understanding St. Petersburg hazardous waste categories

Knowing how to handle hazardous waste is crucial to keeping yourself safe and protecting the environment.

There are various categories of hazardous waste, and these include;

  • Corrosive hazardous waste. An excellent example of this waste is battery acid and any other substance that corrodes surfaces and living tissues on exposure.
  • Reactive hazardous waste is any waste material that reacts or explodes on exposure to air, water, or any other fluid/material.
  • Flammable waste. This hazardous waste category can start fires spontaneously or catch fire on exposure.
  • Toxic waste. Excellent examples of toxic waste include pesticides, paints, and cleaning products. Highly-toxic trash can cause severe bodily harm even on exposure to small traces.

Identifying hazardous materials can be pretty straightforward. Please read the product label to understand the contents and how to dispose of it after use.

Typically, your household products are safe but require extra care when handling and throwing them away.

Importantly, read and understand the local guidelines and laws on how and where to throw away hazardous household waste.

Avoid discarding chemicals down the drains, which can create problems with your septic system.

Also, burning toxic waste in an uncontrolled environment is a risk. 

Properly store product containers safely to avoid contamination or igniting fires —empty chemical containers can be ticking time bombs. 

Where to take hazardous waste in St. Petersburg?

If you’re looking for your household or commercial hazardous waste options, you are in the right place.

Pinellas County offers collection programs for hazardous waste, and below are some of the ways to get rid of hazardous waste.

Take electronics and chemicals to your local community collection center.

The local collection center accepts various hazardous electronics and chemicals.

All you need to do is haul your harmful waste to the HEC3 (Household Electronics and Chemical Collection Center).

HEC3 takes hazardous waste into two categories; Electronics and chemical waste.

Some of the electronic waste you can take to the facility include computers, monitors, cell phones, TVs, tablets, smartphones, and drives.

The chemical waste includes household chemicals, paints, automotive fluids, fluorescent bulbs, pool products, thermostats, rechargeable batteries, and garden chemicals.

The center utilizes various opportunities to dispose of hazardous household waste responsibly.

For instance, there is the Swap Shop where residents can drop off excess valuable products, and others can pick them up for free to use on their projects.

Remember, limits apply to the amount of St. Petersburg hazardous waste you can bring to the center.

St. Petersburg hazardous waste


Do you have extra fertilizer, paints, or cleaning products? Another ideal option for your household hazardous waste is to donate to someone or an organization.

For instance, you give away excess motor oil to your local garage.

Take-back programs and recycling

Take-back programs are excellent for electronics disposals. Manufacturers and stores have take-back programs to collect their branded junk electronics from consumers.

Furthermore, you can look for local hazard waste recyclers like electronic recycling companies to take your junk.

If you have further questions on specific products or items you want to dump, Bin There Dump That is here to help.


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Tampa Bay Yard Cleaning Tips

The weather is warm, and it is pretty normal to start yard cleaning. From raking to pruning to mowing and seeding, there is a whole list of things to clean in the yard that never ends. While yard cleaning and landscaping sounds thrilling, turning your yard into a beautiful space can be taxing. Yard cleaning is crucial to boosting your curb appeal, eliminating pests, and promoting a healthy garden. If you’re ready to kick-start your Tampa Bay yard cleaning project, we’ve got excellent tips to help you achieve a pristine yard.

Tampa Bay Yard Cleaning Tips

Sharp yard cleaning tools are crucial

Getting sharp landscaping tools is the most vital part of the process. Lack of the necessary job tools can slow down the entire yard cleaning process—which can be stressful when working around the unforgiving heat and rains.

Yard cleaning involves trimming, pruning, digging, and edging, which is why sharp tools are imperative.

Furthermore, sharp tools make clean cuts, creating an appealing look and making it easy for your plants to heal and grow.

Some of the tools to prepare for yard work include pruning shears, rake, mower, shovel, wheelbarrow, leaf blower, lawn aerator, etc.

Don’t forget the gloves, boots and the tools’ belt.

Remove the yard debris

The yard can host a lot of debris like leaves, branches, stones, dirt, and even pet poop.

Your first yard cleaning step is to eliminate the debris, load them into a container, and don’t leave any stone unturned. 

Crucial tip: rent a yard dumpster and make it easy to move yard debris to the dump.

Put your rake into use and eliminate sticks, stones, dirt, leaves, and even dead grass in the yard.

Ideally, this is the perfect step to purge your garden furniture and decorations.

Give the furniture a good scrub and a makeover, or eliminate that bench that’s seen better days.

Don’t forget the muddy and rusty walkways and patio. Hose down the grime on the hard surfaces and pathways.

Remove overgrown trees and bushes

Once you remove the debris, you can focus on the overgrown branches and bushes.

When neglected, trees and bushes can turn into scary beasts and even pose risks to your property.

Consider removing those overhanging branches encroaching your space or posing a risk to infrastructures like powerlines or your roof.

Also, trees contribute to your curb appeal, so it is vital to eliminate dry branches and tree stumps.

Again, if you’ve got a dumpster, trimming and pruning should be a piece of cake.

Tampa Bay yard cleaning

Address the patches

It is typical for your yard to have bare patches after the harsh winter season. 

After removing the overgrown trees and trimming the bushes, create a uniform yard look by addressing those patches.

Your first approach to bare spots is to loosen the soil and eliminate the debris.

Aerate the soil after loosening it up and sowing the grass seeds. And lastly, water your seeds, watch them grow, and fill the bare spots.

Create pathways in the yard

The most crucial part of maintaining a pristine lawn is to create pathways to avoid trespassing the yard.

Designate new walkways if none are in the yard or edge the current pathways and make them stand out.

Depending on your landscape’s design, there are many pathway ideas that you can DIY—like these on Bob Villa.

You can do gravel, stones, pavers, pebbles, or wooden lawn pathways.

Additionally, you can install concrete or brick pathway. 

Add seating spots

Spring and summertime are optimal for getting outdoors and enjoy various yard activities. 

Consider designating a seating area, and if your budget and time allow, you can create a shade and kids’ corner.

Hopefully, our Tampa Bay yard cleaning tips can help you spruce up yours.

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