Clearwater Weekend Renovation Tips

Are you looking for ways to improve your home with your free time this weekend? Improving your home’s style can enhance comfort and efficiency and boost the value. However, before achieving that, you must deal with junk removal, demolition, and building your home. Home renovations can be downright challenging. You need to have the money for the project, hire contractors, buy materials, get designs and ideas, adapt to change, and eliminate the debris. All these are a recipe for a stressful weekend renovation. Thankfully, the Clearwater weekend renovation tips below can help you tackle the job successfully without pressure.

What to consider when doing a weekend renovation?

Estimate the cost

One thing that’s easy to miscalculate is the renovation cost for a weekend project. With the volatile economy, the cost of stuff and hiring contractors can change quickly. Consider checking the price of the renovation materials you’ll need and get quotes from different contractors to estimate the service cost.

When planning a DIY weekend renovation in Clearwater, you might need to consider the cost of junk removal. You can grab our obligation-free estimate for debris removal, so you know the price beforehand.

Focus on necessary projects

The weekend can be a pretty short time for a complete home renovation, and the last thing you need is stress over an uncompleted home project while at work on Monday. Overlook the renovation inspirations on social media and focus on your home’s style and needs. If refinishing the kitchen is crucial for its functionality, it is essential to prioritize that before anything else.

Need to update the outdoor space for the summer activities? Focus on that and complete necessary renovations before you run out of funds.

Work within the current structural design

Another crucial tip for a Clearwater weekend renovation is to work within the structural design. You might need more time if you’re considering major space additions and restructuring. Focus on projects that keep the current structural footprint for a weekend remodeling—it saves time and money. Below are some easy Clearwater weekend renovations you can do.

Easy weekend renovation tips

Minor bathroom renovation

A minor renovation can transform your bathroom into a luxury haven you look forward to daily. You can refurbish the current bathroom materials to save money and reuse items you would discard—which means you’ll have less debris to worry about after the renovation.

Apply protective enamel to your wooden bathroom floors, refinish the tub, install new hardware, faucet new shower, and spruce up the walls with new paints.

Refinish the kitchen

Minor kitchen renovation on the weekend can be a success. Boost your kitchen’s feel and style with fresh paint. You can also try a new backsplash, refinish the cabinets or install a new countertop.

New cabinet hardware and sink faucet can also make a difference in your kitchen. Don’t like the current lighting fixtures? You can try new statement lighting for your kitchen.

Spruce up the outdoors

Are you stuck with overgrown bushes, branches, leaves, and tree stumps littering the yard? You can also tackle minor landscaping jobs on the weekend. Prune, trim, rake and remove debris in the yard. Make the backyard cozy and beautiful with a new seating space. 

You can also create a fire pit and designate a spot for your outdoor home bar. It’ll make a great spot to refresh and hang out with family and friends.

Give the rooms a new paint.

Another straightforward renovation idea for a weekend project is painting your house’s walls. A new coat of paint does more than beautify your interiors and boost your mood; It can increase your home’s value, improve air quality and protect your walls from moisture damage.

Clearwater weekend renovation tips

How to prepare your home for Clearwater weekend renovation?

Renovations are projects that produce junk and demolition debris. Your best bet to ace this weekend’s renovation is to rent a dumpster. Bin There Dump That is your number #1 Clearwater dumpster rental. Contact us now to set up your residential bin.