Paint Tips and Disposal

Paint Tips

Painting is one of the easiest ways to transform a room in your home. It usually doesn’t require a contractor, any expensive machinery or tools, and it can even be tackled in a short period of time. In fact, painting is one of the most popular DIY (do it yourself) projects that a lot of homeowners choose to take on themselves. Simply run up to your local hardware store, pick up some paint and supplies and then get started! Read on for paint tips so you can get your project done this weekend.

paint tips and disposal

Painting Tips and Tricks

Before getting started on your project, it’s worth looking into a few “hacks” that can make the process as easy as possible. Fortunately, the following tips from House Logic are available to do just that:

  1. Soak your paint brushes in fabric softener to help keep them soft
  2. Prevent mishaps by using plastic wrap around fixtures 
  3. Use lemon or vanilla extracts in the paint in order to reduce the strong odor
  4. Reduce waste by using old t-shirts as rags to clean
  5. Keep cotton swabs handy in case of mistakes
  6. Use petroleum jelly on spots that you want to avoid painting
  7. Use a blow-dryer to easily remove painter’s tape

Having the Right Amount of Paint

Fortunately, there are various websites available where you can calculate the amount of paint you’ll need for your project. Not only is this helpful in saving you money by ensuring you don’t buy more paint than is needed, but it is beneficial to the environment as well. Paints are considered hazardous materials since they can leak into the ground and cause a contamination incident therefore they can’t be disposed of in your weekly trash pick-up. Here are some tips from Good Housekeeping that will help you safely dispose of paint:

  1. If there is a small amount of paint left in the bottom of the can, leave it in the sun to dry out.
  2. Add kitty litter to soak up the paint
  3. Buy a paint hardener from your local home improvement store
  4. Donate the leftover paint to a local charity such as Habitat for Humanity 
  5. Drop it off at a hazardous waste disposal facility
  6. Consider painting a piece of furniture or art piece to add as an accent piece for your room.

Refreshing Your Home 

Once you’ve refreshed your home with a new paint job, you may as well take some time to reduce the clutter as well. In the event that you wind up tossing a bunch of junk, give us a call! We have multiple sizes of dumpster rentals to choose from, so no matter how big or small your remodel project might be, we have the right size for you. Not only do we guarantee next-day delivery, but we also guarantee 100% driveway protection as well.  Call us at 727-475-1080 where one of our friendly and professional dumpster consultants will help with the easy ordering process or visit us at to learn more.