Top Home Trends in 2021

Remodeling Your Home

While remodeling your home can be a very exciting project, it can also be pretty stressful. Between finding an experienced and licensed contractor as well as planning within your budget, it can sometimes seem to be almost more hassle than it’s worth. However, with various social media sites such as Pinterest and more resources at your fingertips than ever before, you can find inspiration from various outlets. The options are endless!

Top Home Trends in 2021

Even into 2021, many of us are spending more and more time in our homes and it looks like this is a “trend” that may stick around for a little while. Our ever changing and improving technology makes working from home not only convenient, but rather easy too. That being said, it’s important to ensure that you create a space that is a sanctuary for you and your family.  According to a recent article from the folks at House and Home, here are a few of the top home trends in 2021:

  1. Creating a bathroom sanctuary
  2. Installing touchless faucets 
  3. Building a home gym 
  4. Swapping marble countertops and flooring for porcelain
  5. Taking on more DIY (do it yourself) projects
  6. Rethinking an open-plan layout to allow for more privacy 
  7. Incorporating more color in walls, basins and cabinets
  8. Maximizing basements for added space
  9. Creating inviting outdoor spaces
  10. Building a home office space
  11. Incorporating more natural light
  12. Using natural wood finishes
  13. Using matte black finishes
  14. Installing vinyl flooring

top home trends

Ordering your Dumpster Rental 

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