How to Remove Concrete Patio

Taking Advantage of the Spring Weather

Spring is a great time to take on different sorts of home improvement projects. Mild weather makes it ideal for outdoor projects. There’s a reason that “Spring Cleaning” is a thing and why it’s such a smart idea. It is a great time to have your kids help out if they’re home for their spring break. Additionally, you can get quite a bit accomplished while it’s not so hot and rainy just yet. Plus, the flowers and plants this time of year are in bloom and looking lovely. That makes it a nice time of year to spend outside and enjoy them. A project that is often thought of as big but is totally doable is to remove concrete from the yard.

Steps to Remove Concrete Patio

In the event that you want to spruce up your outdoor space and replace a cracked patio, there are several things to consider. First, cost is a big factor. Second, who will be doing the project. Finally, how to remove concrete and dispose of it. If this is a project that you will be tackling yourself, here are some steps you can take from Hometown Demolition before removing the patio:

  1. Protect the surrounding walls and windows from flying debris
  2. Make sure you taken any necessary permits and posted them
  3. Check with your utility company to ensure that there aren’t any subsurface  gas lines
  4. Ensure that you are wearing all appropriate safety equipment 

Sometimes the patio is not being completely removed. If it’s just being made smaller in size, a concrete cutting saw will likely be used. However, if you will be removing the patio, you will likely need a jackhammer. Once you’ve removed the large chunks of concrete, you can load them into a dumpster for disposal.

remove concrete patio

Disposing of the Concrete

Fortunately, although concrete is very heavy, we have dumpster rentals available to remove concrete easily where there is no weight limit, so long as the concrete is not contaminated. This means that the dumpster must not contain any other debris such as leaves or roots so that it can be recycled. With next-day service and driveway protection guarantees, calling us for your dumpster rental might be the easiest part of your project! Should you have questions or want to schedule a dumpster rental, call our office at 727-475-1080 where one of our friendly and knowledgeable Dumpster Consultants are waiting to assist.