Christmas Tree Disposal in Tampa

After the Holiday

One of the not-so-fun parts of the holiday is when it’s time to take down the Christmas tree. It’s like an official sign the beloved holiday is over and we’ll have to wait a whole year to prepare for it again. As you take off each ornament, remove the lights and decor, you’ll also be thinking of how to get rid of your live tree. It’s important to keep in mind that many municipalities don’t allow for trees to be disposed of in general trash bins and they may even have specific pick-up dates or instructions on how to properly dispose of it. Be sure to check with your local trash pick-up provider if you are unsure.

Live Christmas Tree Disposal Options

One option of disposing of your live Christmas tree is to leave it curbside for your local trash pick-up. Be sure that all lighting, ornaments and decorations have been removed and confirm when your city offers bulk pick-up days. In some cases, your tree may even be recycled into mulch or other useful materials, so you may be doing some good without even trying! Of course, you can try composting it yourself too!

christmas tree disposal in Tampa

Artificial Tree Disposal Options

Like live trees, your artificial tree may be placed curbside for your bulk trash pick-up. If you are able to break it down, you may also be able to dispose of it in your trash bin, however, it’s best to call your trash pick-up provider to confirm beforehand. If you want to go the more environmental-friendly route, you can also donate your artificial tree to a thrift store or another family. You can also try to repurpose some if its parts into a wreath or garland for next year; the possibilities are endless!

Ordering a Dumpster 

In the event you want to toss your Christmas trees as well as a bunch of other household junk, give us a call! We have a variety of dumpster rental sizes available and guarantee next-day service from our professional staff. Every single one of our dumpster rentals include our driveway protection system at no extra cost and each has double-doors in the back for easy loading. Contact us to learn more or call us at 727-475-1080 to schedule yours now!