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Rent a Dumpster in Saint Petersburg, Florida

Working on a home improvement project or a significant renovation in St. Petersburg and want the debris out of the way? There is no construction or house remodeling project without trash or debris. And this waste should always be safely disposed of or recycled. 

Doing it yourself can be time-consuming and hectic. Leave this detail to the professionals at Bin There Dump That

Whether you need a small size dumpster container for a small project like a tidying project or a larger dumpster for significant projects, we have you covered. Our repository is full of roll-off containers of varying sizes from 4 yards to 20 yards to meet your project needs.

Other dumpster rental companies will quickly hand over a bin to you regardless of the size and charge you more. At Bin There Dump That, we take time to help our customers pick the right size that is not too small or too big for their projects. Getting a perfect size saves you time and money. Another thing that sets us apart as the premier rental company above other dumpster companies is our honest and affordable pricing. 

The cost of renting a trash bin from us depends on several factors, including the size of the container, delivery location, local taxes, type and size of the waste, and the number of days you need the dumpster. Nonetheless, our professionals will inform you about the total cost before making an order. Transparency and integrity are of utmost importance to us when we work with St. Pete residents for their dumpster rental needs.

Rent a dumpster in St. Petersburg, Florida

Your Local St. Petersburg Dumpster Company at Your Service

Bin There Dump That is the best dumpster company in St. Petersburg. We are locally owned and operated, so we understand the needs of residents and businesses and use that knowledge to serve you better. 

Order a dumpster today for your renovation, construction, or clean-out project. You don’t need to visit our main office to place an order for a dumpster of your choice. Rent a dumpster in St. Petersburg today.

Top-Tier Dumpster Rental Services

The process of using a dumpster should be as easy as possible. From the moment the truck drivers roll off the dumpster to when they pick it up, you shouldn’t stress about anything. Thankfully, our dumpsters are top-tier and offer customer-friendly and home-friendly features. 

For instance, our Saint Petersburg dumpster rental containers are driveway-friendly and perfect for home projects. This means the dumpster containers offer some protection to your driveway with the use of protective boards.

Also, all of our rental bins have double doors, which can help when you have dense debris to put in the dumpster. These doors have secure locks, so it is easy to secure the dumpster once you load the junk. Additionally, we provide different roll-off bin rental sizes, which means more options for your project. We have 6, 10, 15, and 20 cubic yard dumpster sizes for residential projects in St. Pete.

Are you a homeowner with a minor or major home upgrade project? Contact our customer team to start creating a dumpster service that is unique to your job specifications.

Can I Get a Same-Day Dumpster in Saint Petersburg, FL?

Absolutely! Bin There Dump That is a local St.pete dumpster rental, which means we offer terrific dumpster delivery and junk removal services.

Whether you have an emergency disaster to clean up or need a rental that steps up to their game, BTDT is it. We are excited to be the premier and dependable roll-off rental.

Dumpsters for Contractors in St. Petersburg

Since our inception, we’ve been the leading dumpster supplier for contractors and homeowners. Just finished a roofing project? We can deal with the old roofing shingles and other roofing debris for you. 

Are you in the process of landscaping your yard? Let us tag along with exceptional yard dumpsters for trimmings, branches, green waste, and dirt.

Our customer service team is raedy to answer any questions you may have about your dumpster rental. Including the rental period, delivery, and pick-up. For great service and fast delivery, please call Tampa Bin There Dump That!

What is the Cost of a Saint Petersburg Dumpster Rental?

Great question! We know you want to be on top of your budget when renting a dumpster in Saint Petersburg. And knowing the current rate to rent a dumpster is the best way to plan. Bin There Dump That strives to simplify the entire process, including pricing, getting a free quote, and scheduling your bin. We review various parameters when customizing a price to rent a dumpster here. Forget hidden charges; we provide an upfront flat-rate fee to cover everything. Below are the things we consider when creating a dumpster rental quote.


Where you need us to deliver the roll-off bin matters when estimating the rate to rent a dumpster in Saint Petersburg. Providing a container to a different job site can cost more than delivering within shorter distances from our facility. That is why a national company offers a higher price than a local Saint Petersburg dumpster rental. Bin There Dump That in Tampa is a local dumpster rental serving Pinellas and Hillsborough Counties so you can snag the best rental deal. 

Do you need a bin drop-off at a residential or construction site? We pride ourselves in exceptional and on-time delivery and pick services for commercial and residential projects. Don’t let the day pass without eliminating the demolition or construction rubble. Contact us and speak to a personable dumpster consultant live. 

Dumpster Size

Do you know the residential bin size to rent? With Bin There Dump That, you have options ranging from six to twenty cubic yards. The dumpster size you need also plays a huge role when crafting an estimate of the whole waste disposal job. The biggest bin is pricier compared to the smallest since it takes more garbage and offers more weight limit. 

Importantly, you need to settle for the right container size. Renting a smaller one can force you to order another for excess debris. Selecting a dumpster with more space than you need means you spend extra money for nothing. Our experienced dumpster consultant is the right person to point you to the right bin size, giving you value for money. 

Rental Length

As the proverbial Rome wasn’t built in a day, construction, remodeling, demolition, or landscaping projects can take a while to complete. Unless the debris is ready to be loaded into the container, you might need to keep the bin for a few days or even a week. This duration is the dumpster rental period, which matters when pricing the dumpster. The dumpster should be due for pick up on the scheduled date. However, you can still plan a new schedule if your project takes longer. Remember, your residential dumpster rental will include up to seven days in the base price, and you’ll cover an additional day at $20 per day. 

Weight of The Trash

The quantity of junk can also be factored in when calculating the dumpster rental price. The price per ton here at Bin There Dump That ranges from $65 to $95 per ton. Each residential-friendly bin has a weight allowance of up to a specific limit, and the extra tonnage will cost per diem. One crucial tip is to load the container within the fill limits, and it’s best to request another container than overload one. 

City Taxes

Did you know that taxes can apply when disposing of construction, yard, home, or demolition waste? Some cities can charge taxes, and this can influence the overall cost of renting a dumpster. For example, The City of Clearwater will need 15% in city tax. Ask your consultant if the tax applies to your city. 

Environmental Fee

Environmental fees help provide and manage waste recycling and disposal facilities. The cost can vary from one company to the other, and other rentals may not charge this. Typically, you can expect environmental fees to range between $25 to $100, and we don’t charge environmental fees here at Bin There Dump That. 

Fuel Surcharge

Some dumpster rental companies can include a fuel surcharge in your dumpster rental fee. Ideally, this is the amount to cushion the company against fuel price fluctuations. Thankfully, we don’t include this in your flat-rate fee. We have a page that provides general information on dumpster rental prices.

Do you need an estimate for the Saint Petersburg dumpster rental? Perfect, we’d love to learn about your project and provide an obligation-free dumpster estimate. 

Easy-to-Rent Dumpsters in Saint Petersburg

Are you fed up with the tedious process some dumpster rental companies put in place? Bin There Dump That makes it straightforward to hire a residential bin at any time. You can access our dumpster services online any time, and you can be sure to speak with our personable customer support during working hours. You can complete scheduling the container online and have one of our delivery experts bring it to your site. 

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