Home Improvement Ideas for St. Pete Properties

Attracting tenants to your St. Pete rental property is one thing and keeping them is another. And it all comes down to the efforts you put into maintaining your rental properties. Updating your rental homes is a great way to make your tenants happy while keeping the maintenance costs down. We’ve got home improvement ideas for St. Pete properties whether it’s a rentals or a primary residences. Discover inexpensive ways you can update your properties below. 

I need home improvement ideas for St. Pete properties

It is crucial to keep your tenants in mind when remodeling rental properties. You need to improve your property while your tenants need a canvas they can transform into their homes.

Whether you’re improving the outdoors or fixing the kitchen, it is crucial not to overdo it—spending more money on your rental property can hurt your ROI.

Data shows that it can cost $17,962 – $76,951 to remodel a property. Read below for home improvement ideas for St. Pete properties that are the most effective in terms of return on investment.

Start with the curb appeal.

Whether your property features ultra-modern appliances and luxury finishes, only one place makes the first impression, and that is the curb appeal.

Don’t let the chance to win over tenants slip through your fingers. Start sprucing up the yard and the outdoor look of your rental property.

One inexpensive way to update your rental property’s curb appeal is to pressure wash the siding and the pathways.

You can also work in a new coat of paint and make potential renters take a peek into your properties and possibly become your tenants.

Another excellent way to update the curb appeal is to trim the bushes, mow the grass, and spruce up the garden. Hiring a professional landscaper can be a cost-effective option for you if you don’t have the time.

Furthermore, you can install new walkways, gardens, etc.

Stand out from your rental business competitors by making your property feel more like a residential home than a “business premise.”

home improvement ideas for st. pete properties

Fasten the security

Every renter considers security features when looking for a rental. And a slight home improvement to include security features can help you get new tenants to fill your vacant rooms.

Light up dingy corners of the property with outdoor lighting, and you can also add lighting to the yard.

A home security system can also be an excellent USP (Unique Selling Point) to consider on your rental houses. Your tenants will live stress-free knowing that there is home security.

Additionally, a fence to protect pets can be an excellent option to consider for your tenants who own pets.

Update the interiors of your rental property

Now that the exterior is looking great and the security is in check, you can consider improving the interiors of your St. Pete rental property.

Whether it is the bathroom, kitchen, or garage, no tenant will agree to rent a house that doesn’t function fully.

You can consider installing essential amenities like a washer, dryer, dishwasher, air conditioning unit, etc. –These are convenient things every renter thinks about when shopping for a new house to rent.

Another great idea to improve your rental property is to install new floors. You can consider a quality flooring material that is water and stain-resistant, easy to clean and maintain. 

According to Roofstock, hardwood, vinyl, and linoleum are popular flooring materials for rental properties.

Painting interior walls is another excellent home improvement you can do on your rental properties. Apply colors that create room for makeovers if your tenants need to change the walls to fit their style.

While working on the indoor walls, you can also consider updating the kitchen backsplash.

Furthermore, consider upgrading hardware, cabinetry, faucets, bulbs, and countertops.

Additionally, you consider creating a storage area where your tenants can keep their extra stuff.

There are endless options when improving a rental property, and you need to go the extra mile to ensure your property features unique selling points. And hopefully, the above rental home improvement ideas can help.

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