2022 Clearwater Recycling Tips

Do you want to recycle at your home, office, or construction site? Recycling in Clearwater just got better, easier, and doable! The ultimate recycling goal is to ensure that the waste gets a second life. Ultimately, we can preserve virgin resources and minimize pollution for the world’s good. The challenge, however, is that it can be pretty hard to figure out the best recycling strategy. We’ve got excellent Clearwater recycling tips to share with you. 

How to maximize your recycling in 2022?

Many people make an effort to recycle, but for some reasons—like lack of recycling information—it makes it a hassle to recycle right.

Without the correct information, consumers can end up contaminating the recyclable material.

In fact, according to Tampa Bay Newspapers, the City of Clearwater experiences a recyclables contamination rate of between 15% and 17%, and it costs the city lots of money.

Ensuring that your recyclable refuse is clean helps reduce the household recycling bills.

To help you recycle better, below are the types of refuse you can and can’t put in your household recycling bin.

Acceptable recyclable items that can go in your recycling bin

Your recyclable garbage can go into your recycling bin, but the thumb rule is that it should be debris-free and dry.

Acceptable recyclables that you can toss in your recycling bin include;

  • Food and beverage containers

All your food and beverage cartons and juice containers can go to your recycling bin. According to the local 2022 Clearwater recycling guidelines, you should eliminate the caps, straws, and food residue before tossing your refuse into the recycling bin.

Rinse the containers to remove food scraps and let them dry.

  • Cardboard, paperboard, and paper

You can recycle papers, magazines, newspapers, junk mail, flattened cardboard, and paperboard. If any of the above is wet, you shouldn’t put it in the recycling bin.

  • Plastic bottles and containers

Your plastic containers, bottles, and jugs can also go into your household recycling bin. Again, remove the lids, straws, and food residue before tossing your plastics in the recycling bin.

  • Glass bottles and jars

Glass bottles and jars are acceptable and can go to your recycling bin.

  • Food and beverage cans

Have you got metal food and beverage cans? This refuse is also acceptable in your recycling bin. Eliminate food residue and grease before recycling them.

2022 clearwater recycling tips

Prohibited refuse you shouldn’t toss in the recycling bin.

Below are things that you shouldn’t toss in the recycling bin because they are contaminants.

  • Hoses, wires, and chords

Tanglers are a huge contaminant that can break down the sorting equipment at the recycling facility. Don’t put hoses, wires, cords in your recycling bin; instead, you can find other options to get rid of them safely.

  • Plastics bags

Like tanglers, plastic bags can also jam and shut down the sorting equipment at the material recovery facility. Don’t bag your recyclables, too. You can return your plastic bags to a grocery store that offers to recycle plastic bags.

  • Food waste

Consider composting food waste instead of recycling it. Also, it is best if you don’t pour liquids into the recycling bin.

  • Yard waste

Don’t put yard waste into the household recycling bin. Alternatively, you can consider getting a dumpster and letting a waste management company handle the yard waste.

  • Clothes

Clothes are also unacceptable in your recycling bin, and you can consider donating or upcycling your clothes.

  • Paper towels, napkins, and tissue

Paper towels also don’t belong to the recycling bin. These, too, are contaminants that can turn the entire recyclable load into the trash.

Burst the 2022 Clearwater recycling myths

The biggest misconception that misleads many recyclers is that you can recycle anything featuring the renowned symbol.

The truth is that not all products with a recycling logo are recyclable, and the City of Clearwater, for instance, recycles plastics with one to seven labels.

Hopefully, after reading this, you can create an excellent approach to recycling this 2022! Bin There Dump That Tampa Bay is a proud supporter of recycling efforts and can help you properly recycle construction debris and other recyclables when you rent a dumpster with us. Contact us today or book a dumpster directly online!