Post-Holiday Clean Up

Post Holiday Chaos

The holidays have come and gone and in the whirlwind of all the planning, shopping and festivities, keeping your house clean and decluttered might have been on back burner. If you didn’t have time to make room for all those new gifts before the holiday season, that’s ok! You can start now and go into the New Year with a fresh slate and clean house. Read on for our post-holiday clean up tips!

Tackling the Post-Holiday Clean Up

If you were the hostess with the mostest and had a lovely party, you may have a not so lovely post-holiday clean up ahead of you, but fortunately, following these few steps will help you get it picked up in no time:

  1. Reduce clutter by returning or donating any unwanted gifts
  2. Collect holiday cards, make note of who sent them and toss them
  3. Clean the guest room if you had any overnight guests by washing sheets and fluffing pillows
  4. Take down the lights and wrap them around some cardboard to help keep them organized and untangled for use again next year
  5. Take down your Christmas tree and coordinate with your garbage collection service for curbside pick up.
  6. Vacuum any pine needles from under the tree or through the house that got messy during tree disposal

Of course, having labeled storage bins for decorations and ornaments will also make the pre-holiday decorating easier for the following year. Many of these items tend to go on sale right after the holiday season, so be on the lookout for any discounts at your local retailers. Also, don’t forget to drop off any gently used or unwanted items at your local donation charity. Not only will this help declutter your home, but it will also go to someone who may need it. After all, it’s still the season of giving.

post-holiday clean up

Ordering a Dumpster Rental

In the event that you got a lot of new and great gifts to replace old items around the house, call us! Whether you have a little or a lot of junk that needs to be tossed, we have the right size dumpster rental for you. Not only do we have a 100% driveway protection guarantee, but we also guarantee next-day delivery. So we could have your dumpster rental delivered and picked up in no time at all. Call us now at 727-475-1080 to learn more about our sizes and availability.