Creating a Cleaning Schedule

Overwhelmed by Home Cleaning?

Home cleaning is one of those things that a lot of people dread. However, it simply has to be done at some point. Although it can seem overwhelming at times between work, kids and life in general, doing just a little each day can make it more manageable. Keep in mind that including kids in this is not only helpful, but teaches them from an early age responsibility and good habits.

create a cleaning schedule

A Daily Cleaning Schedule

In order to avoid becoming overwhelmed, it’s recommended to make a daily list of chores to complete. That way you don’t end up spending an entire weekend day cleaning your home. Instead, you can spend time with your friends and family. Fortunately, the folks at The Spruce came up with a useful weekly chore list to help get you started. Check it out:

  • Monday – Begin with vacuuming and mopping your floors that may have gotten dirty from extra traffic over the weekend. This includes the family room, bedrooms, bathrooms and hallways.
  • Tuesday – Clean and scour those bathrooms. Shake out the rugs, change out the towels, and check supplies to make sure you aren’t running low.
  • Wednesday – Wipe down and dust all surfaces including furniture, kitchen appliances, ceiling fans and window fixtures. 
  • Thursday – Reduce clutter by sorting through junk mail, outdated food and clothes that are tattered or stained.
  • Friday – Laundry Day! Wash, fold and put away laundry including towels, blankets,  and bed sheets.
  • Saturday – Have the kids help tidy up and try to keep it to 20 minutes so you can spend time with others.
  • Sunday – Finally, take the day off from cleaning and enjoy the rest of the weekend!

Ordering a Dumpster Rental 

Now that you have a basic weekly cleaning schedule, you’ll be in better shape to keep up throughout the week and feel productive! Undoubtedly, you’ll still want to do some spring cleaning or a garage purge at some point. When you’re ready, give us a call! With various sizes available and a next-day delivery guarantee, you can have your clean-out project done in no time. We even place boards beneath every single dumpster rental which protect your driveway. Call us at 727-475-1080 where one of our friendly Dumpster Consultants can gladly recommend the best size dumpster rental for your particular project!