Carpet Removal Tips

Carpet Removal Tips

Replacing the carpeting in your home can be a pretty expensive project, but if you have the ability to remove it yourself, it can certainly cut down on some of the costs. Planning ahead is key since you’ll need a few tools and some prep work to be done prior to starting the tear out. Keep in mind that although it can be a fairly uncomplicated process, it does require some strength and can be somewhat physically taxing. Read on for our best carpet removal tips.

Tools and Materials Needed

According to the folks at Home Depot, you’ll need a few of the following tools before you get started:

1. Knee pads
2. Protective eyewear
3. Work Gloves
4. Floor scrapers and strippers
5. A set of pliers
6. Pry and wrecking bars
7. Knives
8. Duct tape
9. Contractor bags
10. Respirators and masks

carpet removal tips

How to Remove Carpet Yourself

Now that you have all of your tools and equipment, here are the following recommended steps for the carpet removal:

1. Prepare and clear the space by removing all doors, furniture, baseboards and shoe mouldings.
2. Using a utility knife, cut the carpet into strips. Be careful not to cut the subfloor below.
3. Wearing protective eyewear, gloves and a mask, begin pulling up the carpet in the corner of a room.
4. Pull toward you in order to detach it from the tack strip, and once it is loose, pull along the length of the wall until all edges are free from the tacks.
5. Roll up the carpet into strips and secure with duct tape.
6. If you are replacing the old carpet with new, you can usually use the same track strips, but if not, use a hammer and paint scraper to create enough space to wedge in a pry bar.
7. Pull off tack strips and place into heavy duty/contractor bags.
8. Remove carpet padding the same way that you removed the carpet.
9. Check the subfloor once the padding is completely removed to fix any loose or damaged panels.

Disposing of the Carpet

Once you’ve accumulated a pile of carpet and padding to be disposed of, we can provide you with a fast and easy dumpster rental. Offering next-day delivery, we’ll provide you with a clean dumpster from a reliable staff. Simply fill up the dumpster and leave the rest to us. We’ll even sweep around the dumpster before hauling it away, like we were never even there. Feel free to book online or call us at 727-475-1080 where one of our professional dumpster rental consultants can assist you with selecting the right size dumpster for your project.