Preparing for a Move

It’s no surprise that moving to a new home is a stressful process. Between the headaches of selling your current home, and buying a new home that not only checks all of the boxes on your wishlist, but also fits into your budget, it’s enough to push people to the brink of crazy.  There is one thing though that can help make this process a little easier and that is being prepared. Even if it’s taking the time to pack a couple of boxes each night, it definitely beats waiting until the last minute to stuff your entire house into boxes within a very short timeframe.  Preparing for a move can make all the difference, so follow these easy steps:

Planning Ahead

According to the experts at, that are several steps you can take before you’ve started packing to get a head start which include:

  1. Calling your utilities company once you found out that you are moving
  2. Finding a moving company, if it fits within your budget
  3. Plan and purchase packing supplies
  4. Eat the rest of the items in your refrigerator or pantry to minimize what you’ll need to pack
  5. Set a budget


Speaking of budgets, here are a few tips on how to save some money on this already expensive project:

  1. Get quotes from different movers
  2. Look at various options (i.e. using a moving company, or renting a moving truck, or renting a storage container, etc)
  3. Find free packing supplies by contacting your local grocery store or retail shops

Packing Tips

Now that you have started planning and budgeting, you can move on to packing. It seems obvious that you would want to pack as little as possible and only take what you need or still use. This is the perfect time to purge some old junk or consider donating slightly used items to your local charities. Here’s how to minimize your packing:


  1. Do a closet clean-out
  2. Toss anything that you wouldn’t buy again
  3. Make arrangements for donation pick-up or drop-off
  4. Put items that you’re unsure about keeping in a special container to decide on later

Ordering a Dumpster Rental

Finally, now that you’ve planned your budget and have a collection of items that you’ve decided that won’t be making the cut for the move, call us for a dumpster rental!  Bin There Dump That Tampa Bay offers exceptional next-day service for renting a clean and compact dumpster and we also have a wide variety of dumpster rental sizes from which you can choose.  All of our dumpsters have double-doors in the back that allow for easy loading and can even fit in tight spots. You can book online or call us at 727-475-1080 where one of our professional dumpster rental consultants can assist you with scheduling a dumpster delivery for your project.