Garage Organization Tips

Garage Organization and Storage

While home ownership certainly has its perks, there’s a lot that comes with it too. Lawn, general household and pool maintenance are just a few of the responsibilities that come with owning a home as well as the various tools and supplies needed to keep your home looking maintained and tidy. Usually, the shed or the garage is where most of these items are stored along with kids toys and bikes, and unfortunately, this area can easily get messy quickly. That’s why these garage organization tips will help you get organized this weekend.

garage organization tips

Keeping the Garage Clean and Organized

According to a recent article shared by Good Housekeeping, there are several tips and tricks that you can use to keep your garage looking neat and clean. Here are some to help get you started:

  1. Place lawn maintenance tools on a pegboard instead of leaning them against the wall.
  2. Add a gardening station with shelves or a workbench to use as a “catchall” for these supplies
  3. Create a color-coordinated workspace that keeps with the same style as the interior of your home
  4. Create a vertical bin storage system along a wall in the garage with labeled boxes and bins
  5. Add cabinets with labeled drawers and boxes
  6. Build a slatwall organizer and add hooks, baskets, and holders to store tools and supplies
  7. Stack grab-and-go baskets that will hold items you frequently need when running errands such as reusable shopping bags, umbrellas and any other miscellaneous items
  8. Take advantage of the natural ventilation by leaving sporting equipment out on shelves to air out or dry
  9. Build a makeshift pantry with shelving for any food items 
  10. Install hanging bike storage
  11. Create a kid’s corner that can help children with learning tidy habits

Key Garage Organization Tips: Tossing Junk

Once you’ve had a chance to go through and organize all of your stuff, you can decide what’s worth keeping and what’s not. In the event that you have a lot of items to toss, call us for a dumpster rental!  With several sizes of dumpster rentals to choose from, we have one that is sure to fit your needs. Plus every single one of our dumpster rentals has double-doors in the back for easy loading, making the removal of these items from your home easy-peezy! Visit us at to learn more or call us at 727-475-1080 and one of our dumpster consultants will gladly recommend the best size dumpster for your project.