Electronics Disposal Tampa Bay

Why Are Electronics Considered Hazardous?

Ever wonder why you can’t dispose of your unwanted electronics in the garbage? Well, the answer is quite simple. Items such as TVs, computers and monitors contain mercury, cadmium and lead. The intent is to keep these materials out of landfills as well as incinerators. By doing so, we can prevent this hazardous waste from leaching into the groundwater and negatively affecting the environment.  Proper electronics disposal is important everywhere. It is our responsibility in the Tampa Bay community to take care of our immediate environment.

electronics disposal in Tampa Bay FL

Proper Electronics Disposal

One option is to donate your unwanted electronics so that someone else can use them. Plenty of charitable organizations or donation centers accept these items for resale.  If you would prefer to donate them, these items can be recycled in both Pinellas County as well Hillsborough County without any negative environmental impact. Bring your ID and any documentation required by the facility to prove your residence in the respective counties. 

Finally, several parts of these electronics can be reused such as the glass, steel and copper. There are even some companies who will buy used or unwanted items from you. Scrub any personal data and information from your device to protect your privacy before you complete your electronics disposal. 


If you have any questions about what can go in your dumpster rental and what is prohibited, please call our office at 727-475-1080 where one of our expert dumpster consultants can assist. Although we do follow the same dumping regulations as the local dumps, our knowledgeable dumpster consultants can advise on how to properly dispose of questionable items. We are available Monday through Saturday and able to provide same day or next day service in Pinellas and Hillsborough counties.  Our exceptional staff is happy to assist with choosing the right dumpster size for your needs and answer any questions about the rental process.