Dos and Don’ts of Dumpster Rentals

Dumpster rental is, without a doubt, the most terrific way to handle debris. Renting a roll-off eases the baggage on your waste management budget and project timeline. The Bin There Dump That’s rental process is super quick, but there are simple things you need to know before renting. There are crucial dos and don’ts of dumpster rentals, and we are here to give you all the information.

Do plan for a dumpster container.

If you have a residential home cleanout coming up or a remodel, it is best to plan for a dumpster at least a couple of weeks early. Prepare a space for the roll-off and schedule delivery a week in advance.

Do schedule the right dumpster size.

Book the right dumpster size according to the amount of debris you want to haul. We are proud to have five different dumpster sizes from four to twenty cubic yards. With the ideal roll-off, you will not have to stress over swap outs and delays.

Do book your dumpster early.

The chances of last-minute dumpster rental bookings working out for you are slim to none. Do order your dumpster ahead of time so you can have it in a timely fashion. Your dumpster rental needs time to plan for logistics, and sometimes they may be fully-booked to offer you a last-minute dumpster. Ask for drop off options and see if the rental company does delivery and pickups.

Do choose a residential friendly dumpster.

Whether you need rental services for a commercial construction site or a residential yard cleanup, you need a driveway/yard friendly dumpster. This is a dumpster that maneuvers tight spaces and rolls off without wrecking your driveway. Also, they create less noise during delivery and pickup. We use mini trucks to transport containers and place boards on your driveway to protect it from damage.

Lakeland dumpster rental

Do stick to the dumpster rental terms.

Dumpster rentals have easy to read and follow rental terms that bind your contract. Follow these terms to avoid extra costs. An example is that a rental company may have terms on prohibited junk.

Do get a rental quote for your project.

Request a dumpster rental quote to know the overall cost of renting a dumpster for your project. These price quotes are free, and you can compare costs with other rentals to get the most competitive rate.

Don’t overfill or overload your roll-off dumpster.

Overfilling and overloading a dumpster are used interchangeably, and exceeding a dumpster limit is not safe. Overfilling means putting in excess debris that overflows on the sides and can easily fall on transit, while overloading means that the weight of your trash in the dumpster is beyond the limit. Overloading or overfilling can attract overage fees, and most dumpster rentals may not accept to haul the dumpster with excess waste.

Don’t toss in hazardous garbage in the dumpster.

Hazardous garbage is anything that can pose health risks and harm the environment. Discuss with your dumpster rental about harmful waste and see if they offer a solution. Don’t throw in hazardous junk in the dumpster, no matter the size of the trash. At Bin There Dump That, we follow landfill guidelines on hazardous waste. Calls us if you are stuck with particular debris.

Don’t schedule a roll-off without estimating your debris.

Ordering a garbage roll-off blindly without estimating the size of the debris you want to haul may set you on a bumpy ride. Work with a dumpster rental that knows how to visualize your project’s scope accurately and can put you with the right-size solution. Knowing the debris estimate will help you budget and do the hauling once.

Do you have a small cleanout or a significant demo? Call Bin There Dump That or book online now.