Hillsborough County Recycling

Hillsborough County recycling

Hillsborough County Recycling

Do you reside in Hillsborough County and are not sure of the things you can recycle? One of the best ways to create a clean environment is to recycle items after use. Recycling not only protects our environment but also saves energy, conserves natural resources, and reduces trash dumped at the landfills. 

It is crucial to understand the Hillsborough County recycling rules to make the recycling process easy and convenient. In this post, we will help you know five things you can recycle and how to organize your recyclables.

1. Plastic bottles


Plastic bottles and containers are one of the most common Hillsborough County recycling items. You should empty, clean, and leave the caps and pumps on your plastic containers. These recyclable plastic containers and bottles can be food containers, water bottles, disposable plastic cups, jugs, dish soap, laundry detergent containers, and shampoo bottles. You can collect all these plastic containers and bottles after use and put them in your blue cart. Remember, plastic bags, PVC, water hoses, and plastic straps do not fit in the category of recyclable plastic bottles and containers. 

2. Aluminum and metal containers

You probably handle aluminum and metal containers every day. Aluminum containers are also recyclable in Hillsborough County. Clean and empty your beverage aluminum and metal containers like the soda, vegetable cans, aluminum food trays, pie tins, pet food cans, and coffee cans. All these aluminum and metal containers should go into your blue cart except the aluminum foil, scrap metal, and spray containers. Be careful not to mix your good recyclable aluminum containers with hazardous waste containers for safety purposes. 

3. Dry cardboard and paper

Dry cardboard and paper is also another recyclable item you can toss in your blue cart in Hillsborough County. Flatten and dry your cardboard boxes like the food boxes, cereal boxes, shipping boxes, toilet tissue rolls, and shoe boxes. The purpose of flattening and folding your recyclable cardboard is to ensure it fits in your blue cart. Soiled and greased cardboards like pizza boxes are not recyclable, and therefore putting them in your blue cart will contaminate the recyclables. 

Papers like magazines, newspapers, envelopes, construction paper, office paper, paper bags, junk mail, catalogs, and paperback books are recyclable when they are clean and dry. 

4. Milk and juice cartons

Milk and juices are everyday food items we consume daily, and chances are you handle milk and juice cartons in your home. These cartons are also recyclable in Hillsborough County, and you can put them in your blue cart after use. Empty the packages and ensure that there is no milk or juice residue in the boxes before disposing of them in your blue cart. 

5. Clean glass bottles and jars

Did you know that you can put clean glass bottles and jars in your blue cart for recycling? Food and beverage glass containers and jars are recyclable in Hillsborough County, so you don’t have to pile them in your house. Remove the metal and the plastics lids from the glass bottles and jars before putting them in your blue cart. Remember, mirrors, broken glass, and glass windows are not recyclable.

Hillsborough County Recycling Keeps Our Environment Clean

Knowing the things that you can recycle in Hillsborough County makes the difference in the recycling process. Whether you live in an apartment, condo, or single family home, it is crucial to understand waste management and recycling. 

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Hillsborough County Recycling